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Consolidation and Further Development of the Judicial Communication and Information System – IPA 2013


Project Description

Consolidation and Further Development of the Judicial Communication and Information System” – IPA 2013 is tailored to complete and further enhance the outputs and positive results achieved through IPA 2012 project.

The general objective of the Project: 

  • The Rule of Law in BiH is established and the country has met the EU accession requirements in the area

The specific objectives of the Project

  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the judiciary
  • Strengthen the accountability and improve the transparency of the judiciary

Project Activities

Following interrelated activities have been conceived:

    1.1. Implement the new generation of the Case Management System CMS/TCMS version 2.0 in all judicial institutions (in the remaining 95% institutions)
    1.2. Develop and implement the new Time Management Checklist reports
    1.3. Introduce foreseeable costs of court proceedings
    1.4. Conduct analysis, development and implementation of CMS/TCMS version 2.1 (includes establishing of technical preconditions for integration with HRMIS and SOKOP)
    1.5. Develop functionalities and services based on e-signature in the BiH judiciary

    2.1. Further improve and adjust the business intelligence (BI) system to meet the needs of the judiciary and other relevant stakeholders and conduct the user training for the BI system
    2.2. Build managerial capacities through introduction of Business Intelligence System (BIS) in the BiH Judiciary
    2.3. Target education on proactive roles of court department heads and court secretaries in court/department management and the proactive role of judges in managing judicial proceedings
    2.4. Implementation of plans for solving war crime cases

    3.1. Implement the intranet portal for the BiH judiciary
    3.2. Improve data security within the judicial information system
    3.3. Advance the application of security regulations in the judicial information system

    4.1.  Assure better understanding of the public of work processes of judicial institutions and problems that the institutions are facing 

Project Facts

February 2016 to February 2018 (24 months)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Budget
Total Budget: 1,8 milion eur

Contributing Donor
European Union

Project partners
Implementing Partner:  HJPC BiH

Cooperation  Partners:  Judicial Institutions of BiH

Mrs. Ana Bilic Andrijanic
Tel:  033 707 553 ili E-mail: ana.bilic@pravosudje.ba

Mr. Esmin Berhamovic
Tel: 033 707 590 ili E-mail: esmin.berhamovic@pravosudje.ba

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