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Project „Enhancing War Crime Case Processing in BiH“

The Project “Enhancing War Crime Case Processing in BiH” (Project IPA 2013) represents a continued support of the European Union (hereinafter EU) in a systematic approach to war crime case processing in Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter BiH). Under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance IPA 2012/2013 European Union secured  a total of 14.8 million euros to the relevant courts and prosecutors’ offices, for financing of salaries for judges, prosecutors, and additional staff, that are working on war crime cases, as well as for the material costs of the judicial institutions related to war crime case processing. The overall objective of the project IPA 2012/2013 is to reduce the backlog of war crime cases with known suspects in the prosecutors' offices (so-called KTRZ cases) by 50% over a period of five years.

Achieved results and postive effects of the implementationin the first phase of the Project - IPA 2012 were noted and acknowledged by Supervisory body for Overseeing the Implementation of the National War Crime Case Strategy (hereinafter Supervisory body), which is a key partner of the EU within this IPA support.

Project IPA 2013 represents second phase of the EU’s  support to the BH judiciary for war crime case processing. It is based on the Grant Agreement, signed on 20/12/2016 between the EU and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury BiH (hereinafter MoFT BiH) providing 7.4 million euros for strengthening human and material capacities of the judicial institutions in war crimes case processing.

The MoFT BiH as a signatory of the Grant Agreement, distributes funds to the final beneficiaries of the Project IPA 2013 through the competent ministries of finance on the basis of the decision of the European Union on the allocation of funds to selected judicial institutions.

Beneficiaries of this project are 15 prosecutors' offices and 8 courts, High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH (hereinafter HJPC BiH) and  Ministry’s of Justice Sector for Assistance in Criminal Matters and Education in Criminal Cases (hereinafter OKO). Funds have been secured for the salaries of 15 prosecutors, 6 judges and 114 additional support staff (legal officers and advisors, investigators, psychologists, administrative - technical staff, etc) as well as significant material costs related to processing of these cases.

In addition to the above mentioned objective, within this phase of the Project, expected results are:

  1. Human and material capacities for war crime cases processing in relevant prosecutors’ offices and courts are increased;
  2. Prosecutors and judges professional capacities for war crime case processing are enhanced,
  3. Capacities of defence attorneys for war crime case processing are enhanced

Having in mind its vision and mission, legal competencies and significant experience in the implementation of projects financed by the EU, HJPC BiH as one of the beneficiaries, has an important role in providing support to the judicial institutions - beneficiaries in achieving project objectives and results. In that context, the role of HJPC BiH includes monitoring and reporting on war crime case processing and realization of planned objectives; reporting to the Supervisory Body and the Donor on the achieved results; providing technical and administrative support to the Supervisory Body; organizing conferences and meetings for the purpose of strengthening the capacity of judges and prosecutors for war crime cases processing; coordination of the  project activities between the beneficiary institutions of Project IPA 2013,  Ministry of Finance and Treasury BiH and Donor.

Project IPA 2013 demonstrates EU’s high and continued commitment in enhancing BiH war crime case prosecution efficiency, thus expecting a continuation of the positive results achieved during IPA 2012 phase, and its contribution in achieving objectives envisaged in the National War Crime Case Strategy.

Technical information

Project duration: December 2016 - January 2019

Implementation of project activities: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The total budget of the project: 7.4 million euros

Budget HJPC: 450 000,00 euros

Donor: European Union through the grant allocated to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury BiH

Project applicant: Ministry of Finance and Treasury BiH

Contact Information:
Jasmin Muratagić
Head of the project „Enhancing War Crime Case Processing in BiH“  - IPA 2013 (part of the project implemented by HJPC)
Phone: 033 704 638
mail: jasmin.muratagic@pravosudje.ba

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